spotty – high-quality, compact and true colour

The small spotty spotlight variant extends the possible uses in the shop area and excels at picking out details thanks to its excellent colour rendering (CRI 90) and narrow beam angle. The spotlight is equipped with a universal adapter and can be used almost anywhere thanks to its excellent adjustability. The high-quality die-cast housing and thermal separation of the light source and driver are a testament to the long service life of this solution.

spotty-SYTTLED 2600 930sg RAL 9006ED
spotty-SYTTLED 2600 930sw RAL 9005ED
spotty-SYTTLED 2600 930vw RAL 9016ED
spotty-SYTTLED 2700 940sg RAL 9006ED
spotty-SYTTLED 2700 940sw RAL 9005ED
spotty-SYTTLED 2700 940vw RAL 9016ED

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