procube – luminaire family with compact dimensions

High performance microparabolic louvres with low-section cross blades characterise the family procube. This has made it possible to design a particularly flat product with small dimensions. So the luminaires remain distinctly efficient despite the micro-louvre, reflection-amplifying aluminium is used. The efficiency of more than 90% is possible because the application of a purest silver coating with a reflection ratio of 98% over the whole light spectrum. Increased flexibility enhances the versatility of the procube. With connectors the individual luminaires can be combined to form light runs, or when using special form sections they can be turned into entire light landscapes. For a further increase in efficiency the master luminaires have integrated control components and sensors. Especially elegant in appearance is the wall washing procube in exhibitions and schools. With the darklight louvres as well as with the silk matt louvres the luminaires achieve an anti-glare efficiency according to DIN-EN 12464-1 of more than 65°< 1500 cd/m². Due to the lack of interference the optical impression of the micro-parabolic louvres are a delight.

procube-CUAX/1200-1LED 3400 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
procube-CUAX/1200-1LED 3400 840tw RAL 9016ED
procube-CUAX/1200-2LED 6800 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
procube-CUAX/1200-2LED 6800 840tw RAL 9016ED
procube-CUAX/1500-1LED 4300 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
procube-CUAX/1500-1LED 4300 840tw RAL 9016ED
procube-CUAX/1500-2LED 8500 840tw RAL 9016DALI M5S5
procube-CUAX/1500-2LED 8500 840tw RAL 9016DALI2
procube-CUAX/1500-2LED 8500 840tw RAL 9016ED

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