protection – the versatile luminaire with higher protection rating

Regiolux stand by their claim to universal applications and use as a design element, even with LED luminaires that have enhanced protection ratings. The protection LED was designed for this field of use in ceiling architecture with system ceilings. The stylish design impresses as both a surface-mounted and recessed variant.
There is an extensive range of applications for the protection, be these visible T-rails, covered symmetrical trunking or ceiling cut-outs together with high-performance LED modules.
This wealth of forms LED luminaires can be fully exploited during planning. As a result, consistent LED lighting concepts are no longer a challenge where an IP54 protection rating is required. The frosted, opal or micro-prismatic pane ensures optimum light in your system ceiling. Together with the LED performance classes, the protection LED ensures that the intended style and quality objectives can always be achieved.

protection-PRAO/660 IP54LED 4800 840vw RAL 9016DALI2
protection-PRAO/660 IP54LED 4800 840vw RAL 9016ED

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