relo-UP – timeless sophistication

relo-up offers you beautifully shaped design factors for ceiling lighting. With their different sizes and graceful appearance, the relo-up models unfold their versatility under the ceiling.

relo-UP-RDAS-O/140LED 1000 830wsDALI2
relo-UP-RDAS-O/140LED 1000 830wsED
relo-UP-RDAS-O/140LED 1100 840wsDALI2
relo-UP-RDAS-O/140LED 1100 840wsED
relo-UP-RDAS-O/190LED 1700 830wsDALI2
relo-UP-RDAS-O/190LED 1700 830wsED
relo-UP-RDAS-O/190LED 1900 840wsDALI2
relo-UP-RDAS-O/190LED 1900 840wsED
relo-UP-RDAS-O/230LED 2700 830wsDALI2
relo-UP-RDAS-O/230LED 2700 830wsED
relo-UP-RDAS-O/230LED 3000 840wsDALI2
relo-UP-RDAS-O/230LED 3000 840wsED

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