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Installation of light controls and regulation systems is not only useful in office environments but also in industrial lighting systems. While it is not always possible to realise daylight-dependent control, e.g. due to a lack of light, energy savings are possible in storage and rack areas that are not permanently occupied, not insignificant energy savings can be generated by dimming or switching off the lighting.


Generally, all DALI ballasts or DALI drivers can be addressed and grouped depending on the system. These devices can be put into the suitable function via configurable or programmable controllers, in accordance with the system requirements. Special functions such as the Touch Dim or Corridor Function have been integrated in most DALI ballasts or DALI drivers for several years. Both work in parallel with the DALI address mode, but not at the same time. Either addressing mode or special functions.


High sports performance and undisturbed sporting pleasure need good light – for players and spectators alike. Special luminaires for sports halls and gymnasiums achieve very high lighting performance even in large rooms. The introduction of LED technology - in the meantime high performance - is a considerable aid to the requirements for these lighting systems. Coupled with modern light management, the best possible conditions have been put in place to use them even more energy-efficiently.

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