Flexible, precise fit and 100% variable

  • 14 light distributions combined with numerous luminous flux packages and a peak efficiency of 195 lm/W
  • 100% variable in IP20 and IP54 for all lumen packages
  • Outstanding lighting technology and design: Central.Line.Optic – the perfect light line
  • Cost-optimised and economic systems with long module /2250
  • Function module /750 opens up system solutions for 5 further tasks
  • Extremely fast installation thanks to push system and plug & play modules
  • Up to 8 years warranty, with a service life of up to 100,000 h
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures from -20 to +50 °C


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One mounting rail for all applications

AdobeStock_210376185 | © David Fuentes


  • Specific optics for all learning and study zones
  • Good glare control for visual comfort supports the ability to focus
  • Light keeps concentration high. Tunable white technology ensures biologically effective light
  • Problem-free upgrades via Bluetooth and app
  • Build-To-Order (BTO) concept makes non-standard solutions possible
  • From conception to commissioning: the knowhow decides the success of a multi-faceted projects
Fränkische, Königsberg | © Tino Metten, Lichtwerk GmbH


  • 14 different optics with lumen packages from 4,000–22,000 lm
  • Variable position gear trays – even for IP64
  • Central.Line.Optic with a peak efficiency of 195 lm/W
  • Saving right from the very beginning: CLO – constant luminous flux over the entire service life
  • Adaptations to varying room uses can be easily implemented using multi-lumen drivers
  • SRT brings HCL lighting concepts to production areas
  • More safety in the building with the safe function module
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures from –20 to +50 °C
Logistic project Poland | © Romana Dziedzic – REGIOLUX Polska Sp. zoo


  • The latest generation of LED: powerful modules up to 22,000 lm, peak values of 44,000 lm over a section of 4,5 m
  • New application-optimised lens technology: Central.Line.Optic – the economical light line
  • Costs firmly in sight: fewer light points and fast installation with long module /2250
  • Perfectly illuminated racks and ceiling brightening thanks to prismatic diffuser technology
  • Convenient bulk or individual packaging saves time, effort and costs, also for the environment
  • netlife controls – for smart concepts in light management
büro | © Willy Naessens, Nederland


  • Light lines for office concepts in industrial design
  • Optimum glare control (UGR ≤19) for computer workstations (VDU) in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1
  • A wide variety of lighting technologies for matching lighting concepts in offices and ancillary rooms
  • Lighting quality for concentration and creativity
  • netlife control for light appropriate to needs
  • Convenience through connection to building management systems and cloud solutions
 197658333 retail | © Marguerite De Valois –


  • Linear, planar and accent lighting differentiate your product presentation
  • Different housing colours and 3 module lengths to match the store design
  • 100% variable positioning of the light modules
  • The right accentuated light for every class of goods: colour rendering index CRI > 90 for spot lighting
  • Function modules bring flexibility for smart light management and more
  • Advanced Services help solve your indoor navigation, networking or IoT project


  • Future-safe mounting rail system: device mounts are exchangeable and compatible for long-term use.
  • More flexibility for additional functions: single conductor wiring with selectable current taps
  • Flexible or economical in module size /750 or /2250, 7-pole or 11-pole

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