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Universal luminaires with very good glare control and MIRO® louvre

Holistic design concept for different areas without adjustments

The additional control components and sensors required for offices with daylight and presence control have already been integrated into master luminaires. The potential for realisable savings with energy-efficient lighting control is verifiably over 50 percent on average. In the case of the UE installation variants, universal means: can be used for ceilings with visible T-rails, concealed symmetrical rail constructions and cut-out ceilings. The UA designation refers to the surface-mounted version with matching mounting frame. Both for axis dimensions of 625 x 625 and 600 x 600 mm. A variety of wattages, optics and dimmable versions document the universal character in lighting technology. 

More details about UEX-LED

Light distribution direct distribution
Light distribution curve
Mark of conformity ENEC
Protection class I
Protection class 20
Impact resistance IK IK03
Ambient temperature 25 °C
Mounting type Ceiling installation individual mounting
Recessed mounting
Ceiling system Ceilings with visible T-rails [s-TS] (600x600 mm)
Installation depth 120mm [AD]; 250mm [s-TS]; 140mm [s-TS] min; 120mm [VS]
Cutout dimensions 585mm x 585mm
LxWxH/DxH 596.5 x 596.5 x 58
621.5 x 621.5 x 58
Luminaire luminous flux max. (lm) 3.185 lm – 4.119 lm
Luminaire efficiencies max. (lm/W) 144 lm/W – 151 lm/W
Light color 840
LED life 50000h L80/B10 (Tq 25°C)
Operating devices DALI2

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