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Regiolux – Luminaires for the increased safety requirements in the food industry

The standards of the HACCP concept at IFS and BRC

The manufacture of foods, as well as production and storage in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, are subject to particularly strict regulations. Various quality assurance systems and internationally recognised hygiene standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) are a means of preventing or reducing health risks for personnel in production operations and the final consumer.

In trade and industry, member companies have developed the International Featured Standard (formerly the International Food Standard) and BRC Global Standard Food as a standard for quality and food safety. Its purpose is to provide a standardised check of the food safety and level of quality of producers. It can be used for all production stages where food is "processed". IFS standards are developed by and for all members in the supply chain. You want to implement these uniform standards to assure food safety and demonstrate the product safety and -quality of the products you market or the services you provide.

To meet these stringent safety requirements for production sites and their lighting systems, Regiolux has documented by means of an audit by the German Association of Management Systems (DQSthat Regiolux luminaires are suitable for use under these standards.

Luminaires meeting the standards of DIN 10500 fall under the HACCP system for IFS Vers. 6 and/or BRC Global Standard Food Vers. 6 certified companies:

Light solutions for beverage and food industry

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